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Consult, Code, Deliver, Support + Maintenance

We are a Full Service Dev Shop


Custom Websites
Custom WordPress Plug-ins
SaaS (Software as a Service) Products
Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps
Marcato Festival Integration
Theatre Manager Integration
Managed WordPress Hosting
Security, Backups + Maintenance
CMS Training


If you are looking for a design provider check out Vibe Creative Group.
(We work with them all the time – they are awesome.)

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Darcy Campbell

Product Manager 

Darcy Campbell is an award winning film producer and web developer from Sydney, Nova Scotia. Darcy’s attention to detail and his pursuit of excellence have been the main factors that separate his work from his competitors.

Darcy spends time with each of our clients understanding their specific problems and needs, and then formulates a plan with the Causeway team to address and deliver a solution.

Having worked with organizations in various sectors and of a range of sizes, Darcy does what it takes to see a project to completion.




Matthew Lewis

Lead Developer 

Matt Lewis is a full stack web developer. He taught himself to write code at an early age and has spent his life developing a professional body of work. Matt is proficient in several programmatic languages including Perl, Visual Basic, C/C++, PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

As Lead Developer with Causeway Digital, Matt designs and implements the technical strategy associated with each project and client we work with.

He is an avid retro video collector and self proclaimed expert for the TV show “The Simpsons”.

A.J. Fraser

UX/UI Designer 

With an education and employment background in culture and tourism, A.J. Fraser enrolled in and graduated from the UIT Startup Immersion program at Cape Breton University in 2014.

Experienced in mobile app design and having developed programs using Facebook’s React-Native framework, Google’s Polymer framework and Angular.js, A.J. is a proficient front end web developer using Javascript, HTML and CSS.

A.J. enjoys his time near Cape Breton waters with his wife and dog, and once spent 22 days circumnavigating Cape Breton Island in a kayak.

Adam Walsh

Systems Adminstrator 

Adam Walsh graduated from Cape Breton University in 2011 with two degrees in computer science, a Bachelor of Technology in Information Management and a Bachelor of Technology in Network Management.

Adam’s professional background has informed his business and technology practices in web development, database management, network security, and computer programming. He is a proficient programmer in C++, Visual Basic, PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

In his spare time Adam is a computer hardware enthusiast and expert snake wrangler.

We Are Hiring

Web + App Developers 

We are looking for talent. What’s yours?

Send us resume at: contact@causewaydigital.ca

All of our web problems went away the day we hired Causeway Digital.


Jason Jardine, Marketing Director – Celtic Colours International Festival

The detailed focus of the Causeway Digital team allows my client’s web based goals to be met with ease.


Dan Coffin, Owner – DCCM

The development team at Causeway is excellent to work with. We design a site and Matt and the team code it to the exact specifications. They are also quick to respond to client requests and we always end up with an amazing end result!


Tracey Boutlier, Owner – Vibe Creative Group

Causeway have done an amazing job integrating Marcato Festival for some of our clients. So much so, that we use their work in demos to show prospective clients how our platform can be used to feed a festival website


Natasha Hillier, COO – Marcato Festival

The Causeway team developed a new site infrastructure for the Cape Breton Island tourism site that harnessed content coming from various feeds and manual entry in a way that works great for both the consumer and the content manager. Not only that, but the speed of the site outperforms almost every other destination marketing site on the planet.”


Terry Smith, Senior Marketing Partner, Destination Cape Breton